Meet Ukrainian single from Sumy

I am calm, very sociable, kind, always smiling person. I am well-balanced, attentive to others person, like to listen more than to talk myself.

My friends say that I am like a bee who is ready to help everybody. I believe that being sympathetic and responsive to others is very important indeed. It is impossible and not right to live only for oneself. I am also quite ambitious, always reach my aim and try to be successful in everything. I am quite a tidy person, enjoy when everything is in order. I am a good housekeeper too.  I enjoy going out, spending my time outside, in a forest, or at the beach. I enjoy traveling, but only if these travels are not for too long because I quickly become homesick.

I enjoy the home work, and dream to have my own garden with lots of flower beds. I enjoy growing plants, caring about them, watch them bloom. Among the homework my favorite activity is cooking. I enjoy to please my family or my guests with something tasty, unusual, piquant. I dram to find a person who would have many things in common with me who would be calm, kind, easygoing, wise and reasonable. I would wish him to have a good sense of humor, a soul of the company and family. Who would value me and be one whole with me. Who would be an adherent of equality between partners, and value our both independence and consider my views and ideas and listen to my opinion.